Source Files

Unreal Engine 4 Source Install Process

Unreal Engine 4 Source Code: PFF Source - Shooter Game 4.8 - 20150815-1 Source Code

Unreal Engine 4 Source Content: PFF Source - Shooter Game 4.8 - 20150814-1 Content

Unreal Engine 4 Example Map: PFF Source - Shooter Game 4.4 - 20140822-1 Initial UE4.4 Map

READ THE "How to PFF Source.txt" FILE INCLUDED IN THE SOURCE CODE AND SOURCE CONTENT .zip FILES. The above video is no longer up to date for the install process and should only be used to help make the install process detailed in the "How to PFF Source.txt" clearer.

Unreal Engine 4 Source Release Notes forum post.

Below is the depricated Unity source install process...

Unity Source Release: Project Free Fall - 2014 03 28 1 - Unity Tech Demo 1 Source

Unity Source Release Notes forum post.

Download and install Unity. Extract the zip. "Open Project" while running Unity, select "Open Other" and direct to the extracted Project Free Fall folder. WARNING: The zip extracts to "\Project Free Fall". Take precautionary measures if you've made changes to files you wish to save in the case that you have an existing "\Project Free Fall" project folder already.

Below is the depricated UDK source install process...

For everyone that's watched the video, here are the related files...


Extract the archive in the root of your Project Free Fall UDK install. Check this thread to find the latest UDK builds supported.
If you have any questions, I suggest visiting the forums. If you have questions directed specifically towards the source files, there is a Source Forum.