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Map Possiblilities


Before reading any further I would ask that you direct your attention towards page right; there is now a link to a community forum. My thanks go out to GeneralKerr for donating his time and bandwidth towards Project Free Fall. He’s still messing with themes, but anyone interested can register for the forums as of now. To go along with the news of the new forums, here’s a small progress update…

Major Net Code Improvement

Thisvideo was recorded while we were testing the changes, and it’s quite beautiful if I do say so myself. With the net code being in as awesome a place as it is, the demo may come out a bit sooner than expected. Once IFF indicators are implemented and I tweak with the jetpack code a bit more, Project Free Fall will be in a very playable state; so playable that I think I might forgo making a new map to go along with the initial demo, and just push the map to a later date. Just so you all know, recording and testing last night was awesome, and I think everyone’s going to be in for a big surprise once the demo is released; the two of us were up till 3am “testing” when in reality we’d completely forgotten the time due to how fun it was.


The Donation Situation...