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 SEP 2014 U4 tech demo 
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Post SEP 2014 U4 tech demo
I just needed to report that the installer and game files all worked flawlessly on my old computer. 32bit. No problems what so ever. Game performance was poor but the toggle to "low" actually did something.
The game seems tight, not one bug found and I couldnt stop myself from skiing around. Its good stuff.
It seems (from this end) that PFF is back to where it was (or even further/more polished) then before the engine swaps.
Great job man.

Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:45 pm

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Post Re: SEP 2014 U4 tech demo
It's goose! Any chance of getting back into the fold dude?

And yeah, this is the first build to surpass the final UDK build. The whole unity thing gave me time to get caught up on blender and the like. Been a long road, but we'll finally seeing some advanced progress being made. And I hope to be halfway competent at creating content.

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Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:23 pm

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Post Re: SEP 2014 U4 tech demo
Hey man
The game is good. I have been messing with it on and off today and its fun.
I like the scale of the interior hallways and great rooms and the scale of the exterior landscape. When I think of combining them and walking out of a place like sanctuary into the snow and rocks on that landscape map it makes me want to deploy tree at waypoint. Also really like the movement test area. It almost starts to feel like a space capsule or something.

We could make like four maps out of that landscape map. Moving around on it is incredibly fun and its just beggin for some floating bases and hillside bunker stuff.
The terrain tools around now are way to powerful to ignore. Unfortunately I dont have any good ones right now. I will port the Ashes map over if no one else does just so we have it.. but when you can generate terrains like "landscape" with tools my ways are old and scary.
I really feel like all the terrains should have the gritty feel that landscape does. When you picture an old school terrain next to that......

Kickass work man, its already fun.

Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:37 pm

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Post Re: SEP 2014 U4 tech demo
I got up and running on Unreal 4 and Visual Studio. Awesome job guys.

I've been trying to transfer my favorite map over from UDK but it is very frustrating. I had it looking perfect in UDK and when I first got it into Unreal 4 it looked like hot garbage. I have made some improvements but it still has a long way to go before looking the same as before. Part of it is that their material system has changed quite a bit so my normal and specular maps are not working the same so the shininess and shadows on the terrain look bad. Part of it is the landscape system has changed a little bit so I don't know how to make the various layers stronger or weaker like I could before by just refreshing a layer a bunch of times to make it stronger. Part of it is the lighting and fog have changed a bit. Somehow my map looks too dark and too bright at the same time. The shadows are too dark I think. Also we'll have to make our own skys of course but I preferred the older UDK skies haha. All around lots of sadness for me. Hopefully some of you can help me figure this stuff out.

Unreal 4:

Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:02 am
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Post Re: SEP 2014 U4 tech demo
@Gorthaur - Looking plenty fine. I suggest downloading the landscape demo from the marketplace to see how Epic did things.

@GTWgOOse - Good to here that it's working fine on your box. That landscape map from Epic is great. I'm going to see about applying light smoothing to make the terrain more suited for skiing. I figure the map will be a good testbed for a bunch of gametypes; CTF and King of the Hill are two on the shortlist.

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@Saccaed for updates and randomness...

Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:55 am

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Post Re: SEP 2014 U4 tech demo
If you touch that map... I WILL pull you off this projectFF so fast your head will spin. Yup, Im the leader now. :)
Seriously though..Even slight smoothing make it so:
*The textures dont line up with geometry. This messes with your head because in other spots it DOES line up.
*You can easily lose the "sense" of speed on big maps when all that little stuff is gone. You know all about this dynamic already so I wont go into it.
*Learn to ski. :) ..couldnt resist.
*Real geometry tends to look better at distance compared to large or repeating textures (with lighting making up the macro look/texture). What you think is just a little misplaced point at your feet could easily be a single "pixle" of the macro "look".

Greth, Gorthaur and me will get some good stuff going because Gorthaur is going to teach us. :) Isnt that what he just posted? Gorthaur umm btw you are the guru and will be teaching us. IMHO. I think that if we use the same tools/work path we can find other things and help each other. Plus it will maintain a certain amount of consistency in the first map pack. Retro map packs/single maps can still happen of course but five or six+- bad ass gritty, realistic landscapes would be a nice start. I wana make maps that make mappers out of people like what happened to me with Flying elmos T2 maps. Maps that made me think "This is how T2 should have looked" This is map talk though so Ill take it over there.

To me..the fall/gravity feels good. The way it arcs more as you slow/fall is great. Feels right to me. Im saving this tech demo as reference to your first thoughts on it to compare to where it ends up.

The nrg/jet pack physics is great. To me anyway. When you turn on infinite you can see and understand (Kind of) whats going on and I gota say its the goods. The amount of nrg with infin off is good to me. Physics/nrg/friction are all such huge debates around I get sick of it and why I am a proponent of just Ignorance setting the game variables. One vision start to finish.

Run speed is fast, I think you know and are adjusting still, I want you happy, I think we all do. Haha, Im guessing you want it fast for the quake style stuff going on and its all good. Its nice to have outside for sure. It made it hard to get on small ledges but I actually like that.
Speaking of footwork or lack of it, I also liked walking around on top steep edges and you could easily slip off skiing or not your going down. Good stuff...
All those little things like that seemed really good. Usually stuff like this is so far down the road it never sees the light. It seems like the code is ready for lots of content and I doubt there is a game engine company looming out there that can beat the U4 deal.. So I guess you will keep this engine for a while..

TESTBED: This is why I liked the maps you are working with. The importance of code and content being developed together is big. Interior/exterior is the major point and you are addressing it right out of the gate. Props to that.

TLDR: gg

Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:44 pm
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