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 Map Consistency 
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 Map Consistency
Hey guys, I've been looking through the maps that greth and gOOse were working on and I noticed that there isn't any consistency between maps.
(I'll introduce myself in another thread)

With gOOse we have something that we would expect to see in Tribes, large open map with a small-medium sized base with several enterances that also serves as the flag stand. Which is what I would imagine that this game was going for.

But with greth, we have the similar large map but as well as a large base that mainly spans underground, only a few enterances that are spaced far apart. To me this design doesn't make much sense to me, why would you build a base with enertances that would be impossible defend easily? Also, there was a part in which players would be sharing some spaces as well as spawn areas? This can lead to several issues, including spawn killing.

My main question is what is the actual design base for Project Free Fall? I've seen several different designs and feel like that a standard needs to be set before the game can gain any kind of real production.

Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:55 am

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Post Re: Map Consistency
Hey man, thanks for showing an interest in the project!

First of all I'd like to point out that I'm still a novice. My Ctf concepts were based on Tribes: Ascend. And the concept only went as far as the landscape / Highmap. Netarah was the first time I actually finished a map of any kind. I was getting to know UDK (and BSP brushes - as there currently are no PFF mesh assets) while trying something that hadn't been done before. I had never even had UDK installed before April of this year, my mapping experience was limited to scmDraft for Starcraft: Brood War and a brief stint with Radiant for Call of Duty 1. I'm also juggling PFF development with a full time job.

Netarah was me throwing things at a wall to see what sticks. It's main base concept was to use teleporters to cut down the relative size of the map (as it is monstrous); and I was also infatuated with the idea of a giant underground chasm leading to a second escape route out of the base. Safe to say I had no idea about scale, which wasn't helped with the movement system still in a state of flux.

The map currently stands untested, and I have a significant overhaul planned (read: Start from scratch) and it in no way signifies any design direction of PFF. But I still stand with the concept and now that I have blooded myself on DM maps (the only maptype we can currently test, but a skiing overhaul is in the works, when that is completed I'm right back to CtF) I'm confident I can take a realistic approach.

I like to bite off more than I can chew to advance my learning progression. The next CtF map I tackle will be a simpler 'functional' one that can be used as a baseline for CtF balance testing.

All that said. PFF, to me at least, is still an experimental playground. We're trying to combine a lot of mechanics and I'd like to see just how far we can take player movement to create something new in terms of map design.

The two maps I'm working on for DM right now are Deimosand Somnus which can be considered complete opposites of each other. Both these maps are very exploratory in what we can do with this game. I'm hoping that within a few iterations I can create a good hybrid of both of them to have a baseline map to lock down some set rules. And the same will be true for CtF and other gametypes.

I'd love to talk to about any ideas or concepts you might have yourself. And clear up some of the WIP stuff that's floating around this website :)

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Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:24 am
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Post Re: Map Consistency
Greth wrote:
All that said. PFF, to me at least, is still an experimental playground. We're trying to combine a lot of mechanics and I'd like to see just how far we can take player movement to create something new in terms of map design.

Pretty much that. Free Fall is still in the tech demo stage.

Also, don't expect tribes maps through and through. Maps will cover a spectrum of Quake-like close quarters to Tribes-like expanses to experimental WTF.

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Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:14 pm

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Post Re: Map Consistency
Ah, alright then, and I will hopefully get some ideas down for you to look over later on.

Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:54 am
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