Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo : Project Free Fall UE4.4 Tech Demo 4 - Mega
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1. Extract the zip.
2. Install the included vcredist_x64 or vcredist_x86 before playing; vcredist_x64 for 64 bit systems, vcredist_x86 for 32 bit systems.
3. Use PlayGame.bat file that matches your OS type(32bit or 64bit) to launch the game.
Controls :
W A S D - Movement
Q - Last weapon
Scroll Wheel - Cycle Weapons
Spacebar - Jump
Left Shift - Toggle Skiing
Right Mouse - Jet (Up and Lateral)
Middle Mouse - Lateral Jets
Thumb Mouse - Lateral Jets
Open Console Using ` or ~ key
Useful Console Commands :
FOV  <Degrees>
SetMouseSensitivity <Number>
Open <IP Address:Port>
To connect to the official server, enter into the console:
To spectate a server, append the open command and server IP with: 
If the connection fails or takes some time, retry after a moment.
DEPRICATED: Below is for those who want to play the Unity Project Free Fall Tech Demo

Unity Tech Demo : Project Free Fall - 2014 03 28 - Unity Tech Demo 1 - Movement

Controls :

W A S D - Movement

Spacebar - Jump

Shift - Toggle Skiing

Right Mouse - Jet

Middle Mouse - Lateral Jets

[ and ] - Reduce and Increase Mouse Sensitivity

; and ' - Reduce and Increase Field of View

R - Restart Level

DEPRICATED: Below is for those who want to play the UDK Project Free Fall Tech Demo

Mega : UDKInstall-P2F 20130829-1 Deimos.exe (294.1 MB)

FOR THOSE THAT HAVE Project Free Fall INSTALLED ALREADY:(sorry for all caps, but it's important)

Please completely uninstall Project Free Fall through the add/remove programs section of your control panel; do not simply delete the folder. I suggest you also select the complete uninstall option during uninstall; saving user files may go badly. If you have customized your config files, I suggest you make a backup before uninstalling; then reintegrate your changes(I recommend against copying over the new files).

To Play Online:

1. Open the console by pressing ~ (Left of the 1 key)

2. Type in "setname your-user-name" Press Enter

3. Use CTRL+V to paste "Open" Press Enter

changeteam blue or changeteam red can be entered into the console to change teams.

To Play Offline:

1. Open the console by pressing ~ (Left of the 1 key)

2. Use CTRL+V to paste

- "Open CTF-NecropolisPFF?game=FFGame.FFGametype_CTF_Content"

- "Open DM-DeckPFF?game=FFGame.FFGametype_Deathmatch"


Use Instant Action, go into settings, set the bot number to 0, then start game; if any bots are on the map, it freaks a bit.

Controls are:


Space for Jump/Ski,

Left Shift for Toggle Ski,

RMB for Jump/Jet,

K for suicide,

H for Drop Flag

Tab for Scores,

Esc for Disconnect,

R, Mouse Wheel, and Number Keys for weapon switches.

Z for Toggle Crosshair

Weapon Numbers

  1. Plasma
  2. Chakram
  3. Rocket
  4. Rail
  5. Mortar
  6. Grenade

There are no settings menus; if you need to alter the volume, it either has to be done in the config files, or through the Windows Volume Mixer(the preferred method); same goes for video settings, it has to be done through config files(although, adjustments really shouldn't be necessary due to the lack of visuals in the game).

Known Issues:

  • Steam Achievments for Unreal Tournament are sometimes awarded
  • Some users have had problems with disconnects on map change(please submit the log file on the forums if this happens to you)
  • HUD may disappear when showing scores. Press the show score button to restore the HUD if this happens to you.
  • Opening the scoreboard turns off the crosshair, but does not enable it upon closing. Press Z to re-enable the crosshair.
  • Multiplayer: Other players will sometimes warp heavily. It's likely tied to the ski system. Aim towards their average position
  • Multiplayer: Buttons can stick. If a button sticks, spam it until it unsticks.
  • Multiplayer: Mild launches off small geometry can occur.

If you like the game, tell your friends, post a comment, sign up for the forum, and play!