For Unreal Engine 4 Releases, use and modify the included .bat files for hosting

Below is for UDK only

1. Create a new text document

2. Paste in the following...


"C:\UDK\Project Free Fall\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe" server CTF-NecropolisPFF?game=FFGame.FFGametype_CTF_Content?DEDICATED?listen=true?bIsLanMatch=true?NUMPLAY=0?NumBots=0?MaxPlayers=64?AdminPassword=police?JoinInProgressStandbyWaitTime=0?bWaitForNetPlayers=true?NetWait=15?GoalScore=3?TimeLimit=5?bAllowJoinInProgress=true?bHasVoice=false?bPlayersBalanceTeams=false?bWarmupRound=true?WarmupTime=300


"C:\UDK\Project Free Fall\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe" server DM-DeckPFF?game=FFGame.FFGametype_Deathmatch?DEDICATED?listen=true?bIsLanMatch=true?NUMPLAY=0?NumBots=0?MaxPlayers=64?AdminPassword=police?JoinInProgressStandbyWaitTime=0?bWaitForNetPlayers=true?NetWait=15?GoalScore=15?TimeLimit=5?bAllowJoinInProgress=true?bHasVoice=false?bPlayersBalanceTeams=true?bWarmupRound=true?WarmupTime=300

3. If you installed to something other than "C:\UDK\Project Free Fall", you will need to change the path in the above.

4. Save the text document as a .bat file and start the file. A Cmd prompt should appear and fill with server log information.

Before other players can join, you'll likely need to forward port 7777 to the computer that will be hosting the server. Tutorials on how to forward ports can be found at

For others to join, they only need your internet ip address; which can now be found by simply Googling "ip". To join, players should type, or paste, into the console "open IP".

Known Issues...

  • Players sometimes cannot join matches in progress; it's a change from previous UDK builds and I have to hunt down the problem.
  • Players can heavily warp while skiing.
  • Splash impluse accidentally got inverted.
  • Ion Cannon does not function properly.
Hardware Requirements...
  • ~700MB free memory.
If your hosting a server for public use, please post your server information on the forums. This topic has been setup for server hosts to post.

I also suggest checking out the UDK command line page for more information on how to customize your server.